The Traveling Trainer was created to help
people reach their health and fitness goals
outside of a gym environment. The Traveling
Trainer delivers the fitness motivation, guidance,
and inspiration to your home or office.
The Traveling Trainer can help you make
your fitness and health a priority. regardless
of what your fitness history is. We can work with
you to make your health and fitness goals come 
to fruition.

Are you ready for the challenge and thrill of achieving your best
most fit self?

Your Home. Your Time. Your Workout.

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"Jen was very committed to being my trainer. Her commitment went beyond providing me a workout schedule and tips. She really made it a point to understand what was going on in my life so that nutrition and fitness blended in. I never felt like it was one more thing on my plate, it just became part of my routine. Jen helped me understand the importance of being good to my mind and body! Jen was that little nudge of support, that word of encouragement, and that jolt of energy I needed!"

Patty, Stratham NH